Keychron Gold Plated PCB Mounted Stabilizer

The Keychron stabilizer is essential to help distribute the weight of each keypress across the entire key and it keeps the balance of larger keys to reducing the wobbly. Featured smokey-transparent housing and gold plated wires, these durable and eye-catching stabilizer provides better backlight effect and prevents threads from stripping, delivering best experience for your keyboard customization.

Premium and Solid

Engineered with premium nylon housings and stems, plus PCB mounted screw in style makes the stabilizers stay firmly in place while removing keycaps, creating a solid connection to the keyboard.

Team up with Klube 205

Recommended to lube the wires and inner part of the housings with our Klube 205 for more smoother stabilizer experience (The stabilizer set is NOT pre-lubed in order to provide the best customer experience).

What's in the package?

2u stabilizers: 8pcs
6.25u stabilizer: 1pcs
7u stabilizer: 1pcs
A bag of screws


Compatible Keyboards: Q, V, K Pro keyboard (*Not compatible with any low-profile keyboard)
Stabilizer Style: PCB mounted Screw In
Housing material: Nylon
Stem material: Nylon

*No Pre-Applied Lube
*Keychron stabilizers are compatible with 1.6 mm keyboard plate