OEM Profile PBT Retro Keycap Set

Retro Mac, Dye-Sub PBT.

Inspired by the best keyboard Apple ever made.
This Keychron K2 / K6 Keycap Set is crafted to honor the retro aesthetics and stands out from the crowd in a unique way.



Retro Vibes

Never go out of style with a timeless colorway and classic italic legends.

Embrace Change

Honor to the way that pioneers manage to make the world a better place.

Never Fade Out

Engineered with dye sublimated legends set to last for decades like the legendary Apple Extended Keyboard. Not to mention the subtle feeling that you can’t find elsewhere, but on PBT keycaps.


Material: PBT
Legend: Dye-sublimated, backlight does not shine through
Stem: MX style
Profile: OEM

K2 Keycap Size

K6 Keycap Size